"Northern scenery, thousands of miles of ice, thousands of miles of snow." The beautiful Northland "Ice City" is a delightful city, known as "Oriental Moscow", "Oriental Little Paris". Travel around the city and enjoy the unique style of the city.

Aoxue Four Seasons Wine It is located in Songbei District of Harbin City, adjacent to the beautiful Sun Island, Ice and Snow World, Baroque Street, Harbin Grand Theater, Science and Technology Museum, Polar Museum, Northeast Tiger Park, Botanical Garden and many other famous attractions, Wanda Entertainment Snow Park, amusement park, Wanda Mao is also within easy reach and only 35 minutes from Taiping International Airport. It is only 20 minutes drive from the high-speed train Haxi Station, and the traffic is very convenient.

The hotel is positioned as a conference, entertainment and snow resort hotel, and is also a multi-functional hotel integrating guest rooms, conferences, catering and fitness. The design is inspired by the long ice and snow culture of Bingcheng and the image of the rare elk in the northeast. "Modern Jane “Urban Light Luxury” is a form of expression, creating elegant space and comfortable living environment. Located on the hotel floor, you can enjoy the beauty of Wanda Paradise and indulge in the heroic spirit of “The King of the World”.

The hotel has 310 rooms with panoramic views and bay windows. The parent-child room is to integrate the family's affection, happiness and joy into one room. The ladies room is exclusive to the air purifier, imported incense and essential oils.

Four pillarless multi-purpose halls with natural light, bright and high-end atmosphere can accommodate more than 500 people for conferences, meals, training and dining. The multimedia conference hall is not only fully functional, but also a video and audio-visual equipment. The fusion of Chinese and Western buffet restaurants not only enjoys the exquisite atmosphere, but also makes you feel at home with a variety of meals. The 31-story fitness center caters to your all-round workout needs and is a great place to stay.

The four seasons are changing, the romantic charm of the ice city remains unchanged; the four seasons are changing, the four seasons hotel The heart is moved by the feelings of the guests. With our heartfelt hospitality, we are always ready to provide you with more pleasant and moving services with quality service, and become the best choice for you to stay in the “Ice City”. .

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